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Designer and Strategist

Emily Chan



The create assignment made my head spin a bit because assigning the terms to the various levels were based on our judgement, and everything needed to connect. Experiencing the multitudes of perspectives from the first assignment and class discussions I could see how some terms could belong to several levels depending on the person. I had difficulty deciding.


The exercise of making sure everything was related logically didn’t come easily for me because I didn’t put the thesaurus together systematically. I threw a bunch of terms into a doc and then tried to organize it. Because of my method or lack of one I missed some relationships.


The peer review for the Create assignment showed me my mistakes and informed how I would go about creating a controlled vocabulary next time. It also motivated me to deepen my understanding on this area which helped with the success of the Analyze component. If I were to do the Create assignment again, I would be more strategic about it and create a table or some other way to organize information in a way so that I can ensure everything is connected.

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