About Me


Recently named "Top Dog" at Miami Ad School Strategy & Account Planning Boot Camp and "Girl of Steel*" 


My love of learning and experiencing new things has given me a colourful resume. In a previous life I've been a banana sorter, bartender at a hip hop steakhouse and volunteer at a skateboard high school.


Today I’m a designer and strategist who enjoys blue-sky thinking and the challenge of being creative inside-the-box.

When not at work you can find me dodging cars on my bike commute, listening to a zillion podcasts, road tripping at home and abroad and trying to run up mountains. For a glimpse of my world check out my Instagram.

*My bike and I recently collided with a car door. I left the door hanging by a thread and didn’t break a bone. The paramedic was amazed by my accidental feat and called me the “Girl of Steel.”