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Designer and Strategist

Emily Chan



I was fairly comfortable analyzing an integrated system based on my basic understanding of the different components that make up a system. Learnings from the Data Format Analysis assignment led me to include more details about the data formats in the integrated system create assignment. 

I wasn’t sure I really absorbed everything in this course and was worried I hadn’t until the analysis and creation exercise for integrated systems. All the different classification systems, vocabularies, content standards, and formats for libraries is still overwhelming but I realized I had a high level grasp of all the components in these exercises. It was reassuring to be able to use and apply the key concepts to analyse an existing system and create an outline for basic integrate system. I’m not an expert by any means though.

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A8 Integrated System Analysis – Emily Chan_Page_1.jpg
A9 Integrated System Create – Emily Chan_Page_1.jpg
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