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Designer and Strategist

Emily Chan



I was somewhat comfortable with this topic and the assignments because I use content libraries and content management systems in my professional and personal life. However, being the user, I see and rely on the standards/schemas but wasn’t entirely aware of why and how the standards/schemas were created.


The peer reviews for the Create assignment helped me see the level of detail the instructions in a schema should have to make it more user friendly. There were comments around context and needing more details to help guide the content uploader. If I’m part of the creation of a content standard/schema in the future I’d ensure it was co-designed and tested with users to ensure it works for them.


The readings, FRBR exercise, peer reviews, creating a schema from scratch, and analysis of an existing standard taught me what considerations and attributes are needed to create a searchable and user relevant system. Although I probably won’t be creating library content standards or content management systems, I’ll most likely be assisting with and working with people who create them. This knowledge will be beneficial for those working relationships and projects.

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