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Designer and Strategist

Emily Chan



This creation exercise was a good first exercise for someone like me who doesn’t have any prior education in Information Science or Library studies. Classification is something people do naturally. Applying a framework to something we do in real life is a good introduction for foundations of knowledge organization in information science.


The peer reviews for the create assignment brought to light the details and perspectives I didn’t think of. Before this course I understood intellectually and experienced different user perspectives within and outside of work. Peer reviews, seeing others’ assignments, and class discussions showed me how many different perspectives there were even in the same class. There are probably so many other disparate perspectives outside of the class.


Reviewing my analysis assignment again, I realize I analyzed the integrated system instead of focusing on the classification component. This was a misunderstanding of the assignment instructions from my side. I’m confident I can do a better job next time because I understand the fundamentals of classification as demonstrated in the create assignment.

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A1 Classification System - Create - Emily Chan.jpg
Pages from A4 Classification System Analysis Assignment - Emily Chan REV.jpg
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